IEEE Experience

COMMITTEES/BOARDS: (IEEE Major Boards and Committees)

MGA Membership Recruitment and Recovery Committee member, as TAB representative, 2012
MGA Membership Recruitment and Recovery Committee member, as R8 MD Chair, 2013-2014
MGA Membership Recruitment and Recovery Committee, Chair, 2015-2016
MGA Marketing Automation AdHoc Committee, member, 2016
MGA IT Coordination and Oversight Committee, member, 2017-2018
TAB AdHoC Committee on Bounded Rationality, member, 2018
IEEE Young Professionals Committee, member, 2020


Region 8 Membership Development Chair, 2013-2014
Region 8 Membership Development Committee member, 2012, 2015-2016
Region 8 Vice Chair Member Activities, 2017-2018
Region 8 Director-Elect, 2019-2020


Spain Section, GOLD AG Chair, 2008-2009
Spain Section, Membership Development Officer, 2010-2011
Spain Section, Secretary, 2012-2013
Spain Section, Vice-chair and Chair-Elect, 2014-2015
Spain Section, Chair, 2016-2017
Spain Section, Past Chair, 2018-2019
Spain Section, External Relations coordinator, 2020


General Chair of
IEEE ICIT 2015, Seville (Spain)
IEEE ICIT 2016, Taipei (Taiwan),
IEEE CPE-POWERENG 2017, Cadiz (Spain)

Technical Program Chair of IEEE conferences
IEEE ICIT 2011, Auburn, AL (USA)
IEEE ICIT 2013, Cape Town (South Africa)
IEEE ISIE 2013, Taipei (Taiwan)
IEEE ICIT 2014, Busan (Korea)
IEEE ISIE 2018, Cairns (Australia),
IEEE IECON 2019, Lisbon (Portugal),
IEEE INDIN 2020, Warwick (UK).

International Advisory Board member of IEEE AMC 2020.

Special Session Chair of IEEE INDIN 2018 (Porto, Portugal), IEEE IECON 2018 (Washington DC, USA), IEEE IECON 2020, Singapore

Track Chair of IEEE IECON 2009 (Porto, Portugal), IEEE IECON 2010 (Phoenix, AZ, USA), IEEE IECON 2011 (Melbourne, Australia), IEEE ISIE 2011 (Gdansk, Poland), … and more than 14 conferences up to 2020.

Special Session organizer at  more than 10 IEEE conferences.


IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine, Editorial Board Member, 2016-17
IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, Associate Editor, 2013-2019
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Associate Editor, 2014-present
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Guest Editor, 2009, 2012


Industrial Electronics Society, Chair Web & Information Committee, 2007-2011
Industrial Electronics Society, Vice President for Workshop Activities, 2016-2018
Industrial Electronics Society, AdCom member-at-large, 2011-2015, 2019-2021
Industrial Electronics Society, Publications Committee member, 2013
Industrial Electronics Society, Technical Committee on MEMS & Nanotechnologies, Chair, 2007-2008
Industrial Electronics Society, Constitutions & Bylaws Committee, member, 2020-2021
Industrial Electronics Society, Membership committee, member 2016-2020
Nanotechnology Council, AdCom member, 2013-2015
Member of Education Society, Electron Devices Society, Industrial Electronics Society


– As Membership Recruitment and Recovery Committee Chair for 2015 and 2016 I’ve conducted training for MD officers and webcasts monthly during two years. I’ve been invited to speak about membership at Society General meetings as well as in Regional meetings (regions 8 and 9).

– As Membership Development Officer in Spain Section, retention went up to reach the 2nd best retention rate among Sections in R8 in 2012

– As R8 MD Chair, we had the highest increase in retention among all Regions in 2012-2013, and R8 was one of only two Regions to increase recruitment. This was in part thanks to the campaigns for recruiting in conferences, and to the clever use of SAMIEEE to keep Section MD officers updated about the current needs.

– As member and chair of the Web & Information Committee of the Industrial Electronics Society, I helped develop a volunteer-driven submission system for conferences that now manages more than 6000 submitted manuscripts per year

– As R8 MD Chair, I organized two successful MD workshops for new officers in London and Dubai, where volunteers learned the job of MD officers, as well as the tools.

– As Spain Section Chair, I championed the creation of the first Students, WIE and YP annual congress (there was a student branches congress before), with great success; the two first SIGHT groups in the Section were created; we supported the Action for Industry initiative, being one of the Sections awarded by R8; established tools to monitor technically co-sponsored conferences to review their technical quality.